Barbecue Ribs and the Magical Instant Pot Delay Button

After a long commute home tonight, we still wanted a home-cooked meal, and we needed to keep up our commitment to go to the gym. That little “Delay” button, completely unnoticed until today, came to the rescue. For ribs cooked in the Instant Pot, a delay of about an hour is sufficient to allow the muscle fibers in your meat to relax a bit, making the end product more tender and juicy than when you cook it cold out of the refrigerator. For food safety, I wouldn’t recommend letting meat sit for more than an hour before cooking. Using the Delay feature allows for 30 minutes of cardio, two weight machines, and coming home to a shower before sitting down to delicious, fall-off-the-bone ribs.

For tonight’s dinner, I made St. Louis ribs, using my favorite rub from I set the Delay for 40 minutes, and headed off to the gym.

The rub from that recipe is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy, finished with a brush of barbecue sauce and broiled for just a few minutes before serving. Delicious!

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