Warming Baby Bottles-In Your Instant Pot!

It’s been awhile since I posted a recipe! Over the past few months, our family grew by two! Our youngest daughter was married to a wonderful man, while our oldest daughter and her husband gave us our first grandchild. What a swirl of wedding planning, celebrating, and loving on the world’s most beautiful tiny human!

While caring for my sweet little granddaughter (now 14 weeks old) this morning, I hit on an idea for gently and quickly warming the bottles of breast milk my daughter leaves for her when I am babysitting. Rather than heating water on the stove over and over to heat bottles (or microwaving, which can risk burns to baby’ s mouth and can damage breastmilk proteins), I realized that my trusty Instant Pot could do the job for me with hot water at the ready for as many hours as I need it, and nothing to watch on the stovetop.

I’ve seen a lot of articles on using the Instant Pot for sterilizing bottles. I can’t vouch for that process, but it seemed to be a simple thing to keep water warm enough for heating bottles. Here’s how I did it:

Place the trivet inside the stainless-steel Instant Pot liner (you won’t want bottles resting directly on the bottom of the pot, where the heating element is located). Pour at least a cup of water into the pot. Since we are still using small plastic bottles, they will want to float up in the water and tip sideways. To prevent this, I used my stainless-steel pot-in-pot insert, shown below.

I used a taller trivet, since the bottles are small and it was easier to photograph, but you can use the trivet that comes with the Instant Pot. Use whatever works for you–a small bowl, pan, or bottle rack.

I filled the insert with water (just enough to be level with the milk), and set the pot to “sauté” just until water starts to bubble. At that point, set the pot to “Warm” on the “Less” setting, set for the number of hours you need, cover with a glass lid, dinner plate, or Instant Pot lid, and voila! hot water at the ready to heat your bottle in just a few minutes. Remove the lid, place your cold bottle in the pot as shown below, and warm milk is ready for your hungry little angel in just a few minutes. Be sure to test the milk before giving to baby to make sure it’s not too hot.

Add more water to the insert if needed, and then replace the lid to keep things nice and hot until the next feeding.

Happy baby, happy Yia-Yia. Cheers!

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