Here’s Emma, who as far as we can tell doesn’t actually eat. She’s my constant companion, following me throughout the house whenever I’m home, and basically acting like she runs the house.

As a working mom for many years who also loves to cook, bake, travel, and quilt, among other assorted hobbies, I’ve heard the same thing that every other mom who also works outside the home has heard over and over: “I don’t know how you do it all!” The answer is that I don’t do it all (and I never did), and I’m far from a perfectionist. I try to do what I want to to be doing, even if I can only carve out a few minutes a day to do it after 10 hours in the office. It’s the people I love, and the little things I can do for them–the warm loaf of bread, the handmade quilt (that might have taken a year to complete, but that’s ok!), the quick, hot meal after a long day–that matter more than anything.

Since my workdays can be very long sometimes, I’m all about fast, easy, and tasty food, so you’ll find many of my recipes are perfect for the Instant Pot or conventional pressure cooker. I’ve adapted some old family favorites to the Instant Pot, and I’ve created a few dishes of my own. I’ll also provide links to some of my favorite recipe blogs. I had originally intended for this blog to be for just family, so my photography is on the amateur side and I’m learning my way around WordPress, but I’d love to see your comments anyway. Enjoy!